Too faced chocolate bar palette dupe

Happy Easter!🐇 I hope you’ve all had your fair share of chocolate eggs this weekend.

I’ve been craving a certain chocolate for a while now – that is the Too Faced chocolate bar eyeshadow palette to be precise. I was intent to purchase it this month, until I was in Superdrug and suddenly spotted a high street brand I hadn’t heard of before called I heart Makeup. I spotted the chocolate packaged palettes a mile away and knew instantly they were dupes of Too Faced especially as they also had dupes of their heart shaped blushes. I don’t often go for dupes as I usually go by the motto my mother always advised me, “you get what you pay for”.   Above: I heart Makeup “I heart chocolate”🍫

But the first thing that grabbed my attention about this dupe was the packaging. I confess I do have to like the whole product, packaging and all, in order to actually want to buy it. I love the melted chocolate effect and I like it almost even more than the Too Faced tin. The second thing that grabbed me was that the colours of the shadow were exactly the same.   Having tested them I can say they are very strong colours that are long lasting and gorgeous to blend. My favourite shades are: Smooth Criminal, Chocolate Love and Love Torn. The only game changing factor that the original palette has, that might encourage you to add it to your wish list, is that the Too Faced palette not looks like a delicious chocolate bar but smells of chocolate too.

For £7.99 I am very pleased with this palette. I will definitely use all the colours and I honestly think this is an amazing find if you don’t want to fork out over £35 (as the price varies) for the Too Faced palette. The only downside is that it doesn’t have the chocolate scent, but if that is really an issue, maybe some chocolate scented perfume could do the trick? 😉

UPDATE: Since writing this and using this product more often, I have noticed that it does smell of chocolate! You’re welcome.


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