Manchester beauty haul – vegan friendly product and Eos lipbalm dupe included

Hey lovelies 🦄 Sorry I’ve been pretty absent on here recently!

After the Easter weekend I travelled to Manchester to visit my friend for a little bit. I’m gone now and with a lot of goodies from the Trafford Centre. Thank you for all the love and comments my last dupe post received, I thought since you all liked that product so much aid share my haul from Manchester with you including another dupe!

So my friend and I hit up a few of our favourite shops, including Superdrug who have started selling a new brand of Lottie London cosmetics. They have everything from nail polishes and lip balms to makeup brushes – all in cute pastel colours. I’m a sucker for cute packaging and Lottie London is definitely the cutest I’ve seen on the high street.   I was instantly grabbed by the makeup brushes (which are incredibly soft!) and I couldn’t leave without one, being as I am a little bit of a brush hoarder. They are all around £7.99 each, which is very cheap in comparison to competitive brands like  Real Techniques. They are also completely Vegan friendly – so if this is a necessity to you then you will adore these brushes. I chose a cute pastel blue powder brush which is very wide and has very soft bristles which I love, as I have sensitive skin.

The other product I just couldn’t resist from Lottie London was their “Eos style” round lip balms. At £4.99 they come in just a little cheaper than Eos‘s round balms which usually retail from £5.99 upwards. I chose the Lottie balm ball in Caramel Apple.  

It’s a gorgeous scent that reminds me of sweet treats at the fairgrounds. I love the feel of it as you apply it, it is so soft and moisturising. Eos have been slated for making lips chapped There’s no taste to it but the scent lasts very long. I had a tough time deciding between the full range which also includes Cherry Pie and Strawberry Shortcake – all such delicious scents that are good enough to eat!

I was also very happy to discover that the Trafford Centre has a Kiko makeup shop. I’ve been obsessing over other blogger’s Kiko products for a long time now, particularly their lipsticks which are comparable in choice of colours to more expensive brands such as MAC and Charlotte Tilbury. Although Kiko has a huge range and appears from first glance to probably be as expensive as the brands just mentioned, it is actually very reasonably priced in my opinion, with some lipsticks starting from £6.

 I was after some dark brown and maroon hues. I chose one of the new Mirage Lip Stylo lipsticks in shade number 16 called Elderberry Spirit from Kiko’s Wanderlust collection. They collaborated with designer Ross Lovegrove who is known for his futuristic style.All the products have this luxurious gold packaging which looks very classy. The whole collection features this casing and feels very summery – you can tell it is travelling/holiday inspire, hence the Wanderlust name. I love the blood berry colour as it’s dark and rich, and I really wanted to step away from pale nudes that I’ve been wearing a lot recently to make a real statement. It’s matte and actually feels hydrating which I love as matte lipsticks can tend to dry out your lips.

I also opted for this Kiko Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick in colour 105 Pinkish Brown. This colour is surprisingly darker on and not necessarily what I expected. It is a much redder tone, but for me I do prefer this muted red tone to bright pillarbox reds. Again, this packaging is gorgeous. The clicker to release the lipstick inside makes me feel like a Girlboss. I love the mix of metal colours which offset the lipstick beautifull. It really looks so classy and expensive – even though this was only £10.59!

That’s all for now. I’ve got  load of skincare products to go through, but we’ll save that for another post soon!

 Wearing: Kiko Gossamer Emotion creamy lipstick in 105 Pinkish Brown


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