25 life lessons now I’m turning 25

25. Feels a little scary to say it aloud. But yes, on the 4th November I will be turning 25! A quarter of a century…yikes.


I thought it might be fun to share with you some of the life lessons I’ve learnt, and the things I would probably tell myself if I were to ever go back in time. (Though then I suppose I wouldn’t be who I am now and wouldn’t have learnt anything!)

1. Always listen to your intuition. You know when you get that gut feeling about a person or a situation, but people always tend to ignore it? Well, don’t. Listen to your body, it will tell you the truth.

2. Pay attention to your body. This kind of goes with the last one. Ever notice how when you’re stressed out or have a lot going on in your life your face tends to break out or you come down with a cold or sickness? That’s your body’s way of telling you “STOP! Slow down!”

3. Be curious. When you assume you know all you need to know, you close yourself off to opportunities. . I used to fear looking stupid in school and would never ask questions even if I didn’t completely understand the subject being discussed. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, you’re just learning.

4. Read. Blogs, books, magazines. Reading is so important. Ask friends/lovers/family to buy you books for your birthdays and Christmas. Get them to gift you stories you wouldn’t usually pick off the shelves. You’ll expand your knowledge and you taste.

5. Self expression is a vital key to confidence. As a kid I was always allowed to dress up how I wanted, encouraged to be myself and go for whatever style. I have experimented a lot over the years and would say this is the secret to my confidence to wear whatever I like and feel happy in it.

6. Learn more about mindfulness. I wish mindfulness had been more of a thing as I was growing up in school. It’s only become popular in the last few years and there are plenty of courses and books on mindfulness if you are uncertain about what it is. It has helped me so much in becoming self-aware and learning to deal with stress in my life.

7. Make skincare a priority over makeup. If you don’t know already, I love makeup. It’s the basis of my blog. However, more important than this is skincare. Having a good skincare routine is vital. Exfoliating, cleansing, moisturising. Give your skin the love it deserves and you will find that makeup becomes an enhancer.

8. Doing things on your own is okay. In school I decided to join a club just because my friends were going. The club eventually failed and I missed out on going to another club I was way more interested in just because I didn’t want to go on my own. Don’t feel like you can’t do things on your own, you are entitled to your individuality!

9. Take lots of pictures. Make lots of memories. I am definitely known for being “the picture-taker” out of my group of friends. This is probably because when I was a lot younger I lost a load of photos that were accidentally chucked out when I was having my room re-done. I was gutted, I love looking back at photos from my childhood. I always post to social media and love to look back at my memories. I even print some off now and put them into cute scrap books and frames in my home.

10. Love will find a way. Sorry to be mushy! But honestly, fate is a funny thing and I truly believe that there is someone out there for everyone.

11. You will meet people who don’t like you. And that is okay. You may not know the reason why. Heck, it may seem like they have no reason to at all! Don’t waste your time trying to change their minds, it’s not worth it.

12. Value the people who love you. On the flip side of the above, there will be the people in your life who you know will always be there for you no matter what. There will also be new people who come into your life and are ready to welcome your friendship with open arms. Make sure these people know you love them and how important and awesome they are!

13. The solution to most problems is a good cry. And a cuddle from your mum.

14. Don’t fret about plans. I am a planner. Unfortunately, to my detriment most of the time. Being a planner has it’s good points but can also leave you down-hearted when things don’t turn out the way you planned. Don’t be afraid of being spontaneous. Some of my best memories come from situations where I just let go to see what will happen.

15. Travel. Eat. Live. Sort of like Eat, Pray, Love…but a new kind of mantra I want to give to you. Travel to new places, Eat new food, Live adventurously. You’ve only got this one life so do make the most of it.

16. Weirdness is cool. Be yourself and embrace your “weirdness”.

17. Everybody comes into your life for a reason. You can choose to believe this or not but it’s true that everybody you meet has their own story to tell, their own knowledge to share and I feel everyone I meet leaves a piece of themselves with me when they go.

18. Throw out the old to welcome in the new. I’m talking about old anything that you look at and think “god, I hate that thing now”. I try to spring clean at least 2-3 times a year. And just remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure so I cannot highlight the importance of donating to charity! This will only bring good karma and good vibes.

19. It’s okay to prefer Netflix and duvet days over going out. Don’t be sucked in to thinking you’re not a fun person if you don’t go splurging your student loan in Bunker.

20. Be nice to yourself. Be your own cheerleader. Be your own biggest supporter. To quote, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else, can I get an Amen?”

21. Don’t crash diet. Find meal plans that work for you.  I have struggled often with my diet due to eating unhealthily in my teens. I think its important to focus on what your body needs. I try to focus more on avoiding food that make me feel bloated and sluggish (fast food/cheap sandwich meal deals) and either make my own salads or find reputable cafes that source or grow their own organic ingredients. Don’t obsess over low fat products or cutting out carbs/sugar. You can’t avoid them, you can allow yourself these as the necessity of a balanced diet. Do your own research, “listen to your body” and find out what works for you because we are all different at the end of the day!

22. Find a Youtuber you love. Honestly this sounds like a silly one. There are just so many Youtubers I admire and they inspire me every day. I have several who I alternate and watch  videos of every morning to pep me up. Their words often help me want to seize the day, change up my look or give me the boost I need, especially on days when getting up might feel more difficult than other days.

23. Some people in life will bring out the worst in you. Some the best. And others, the most. These are the special ones who give back to you in full force. They teach you the best lessons in life and you better hold on tightly to them.

24. Don’t waste your time chasing people who don’t want to be chased. It’s pretty much a known fact that you won’t stay friends with everybody that you were friends with in school. You may stay friends with some and that’s cool, but don’t worry about letting go. Part of being an adult is just accepting that everyone has their own lives now, their own issues to deal with and you can’t force a friendship on anyone. If someone really wants to be your friend they will make the effort back.

25. Stop searching for perfection, live life contentedly. People are so focused on living a “perfect life”. I don’t think we even truly know what perfect is. Just what we are told to want by the media. I believe it is a far greater achievement to find inner peace. If you can take time to reflect over the small things in your life, the little details of every day that bring you peace and make you contented. To live life accepting the good with the bad, you will feel that balance within you.


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