Best places to brunch & breakfast in Bristol

I had a request from a friend recently and realised I haven’t written about some of my favourite spots to brunch/breakfast in Bristol. If you’ve got a special date coming up, a birthday or maybe a friend visiting, the most fun thing can be taking your loved ones for food. My favourite meal is often breakfast as it can be so varied! If you want to start your day right, here are some of my hidden delights…


5. The Ivy

This one is a bit more in the expensive range, hence why I’m placing it last. However I cannot fault the quality of the food, the service or the atmosphere of this restaurant. I wouldn’t really call it hidden either, but for anyone who hasn’t ventured to Clifton Village to try this restaurant I must say I recommend you do! Honestly one of the best breakfasts I have had – I’d even go as far to say almost better than The Wolseley in London! The juice even comes with a pinterest candycane stripe straw (which whoops, I didn’t take a picture of!…#badblogger). I highly recommend the eggs benedict – super delicious.

4. Rosemarino

Another place that I love for the atmosphere and their most famous dish “Tommy’s one-pan wonder” is Rosemarino. A little more pricey at £9 for this dish, so I would say this is definitely more of a treat breakfast. However, the combination of bacon, chopped sausage, onions, mushrooms & potatoes with melted cheese & 2 cracked eggs on top is a huge treat in itself! They also do a slightly cheaper Veggie breakfast for £8 which is a healthier take on a fry up.


3. Boston Tea Party

Boston Tea Party is a favourite of mine to take my friends to. Especially for those who want a healthier option – and an instagrammable one! I tend to go for the healthy, sweet options at Boston Tea Party. Above is one of my favourite choices – Greek yoghurt and spelt granola with honey, raspberries and blueberries and I also recommend trying the Brown rice porridge, made with coconut milk, vanilla, maple syrup and topped with delicious mango, blueberries and cinnamon. Both are great vegan options too (check out the menu for a whole range of dishes that can be made vegan or to suit your dietary needs).

2. Roccatillos

So sad that I don’t seem to have any photos from the various times I’ve been here. However I can tell you that this place is usually crammed if that’s anything to go by, and you may find yourself having to grab a spot at the bar. With an American Diner theme and affordably priced English breakfasts with “builders tea” or big burgers with tasty milkshakes, I honestly cannot recommend Roccatillos enough.


1. Saffron

My final and most favourite, favourite. Saffron is a hidden gem in Clifton Village. Again this place gets full very quickly, so you may find yourself waiting. On a sunny day they have extra seats outside on the cobbles which is fun to watch the many dog-walkers go by. Get yourself the ‘Avocado vs eggs’ which you can see pictured above. You can opt to have this with bacon, with salmon or just naked. It comes with this amazing chilli jam that I am addicted to.


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