Although the majority of products I post are cruelty-free/organic/vegan, I do from time to time post other beauty products from non-cruelty-free brands, especially deals or items on sale that I have found. This also goes for restaurants and cafes I mention and review. I will always point out those which serve organic produce or have vegan options – if I don’t mention it it’s likely they don’t do/have either!

However, I do try to make it clear for readers as to which items are cruelty-free/organic/vegan and which are not. If you are unsure you can find a full list here of all make-up brands which are.

All posts on my blog are my own thoughts and opinions, of any reviewed product and were written in my own words. The majority of the items I post were purchased by myself with my own money (unless stated birthday gift etc).

Anything marked with (*) has been sent to me to try out and review, I will also use (*) on sponsored posts as well. If I do not like an item that has been sent to me, I send it back to the company and will not blog about it. I will not review anything that I would not buy myself or I only review products I like, from brands I trust and support and that I do use regularly.

I will always be 100% honest when reviewing items and I would never promote anything that I wouldn’t purchase myself.